Riseley ROC Post – Bedfordshire Group

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Site: Riseley ROC Post & Aircraft Observation Post

Opened – March 1964
Closed – September 1991

This visit was more of a recon than a full visit and as such was done on my way home from work with none of my gear and wearing only a t-shirt. As you can see from the pix this entire site has been consumed by nature, something I kind of like to see which is why I photographed it as is, instead of coming back tooled up. The t-shirt was an epic fail as the stingers here are 8ft high and the brambles twice that, in fact this compound is so densely overgrown you could walk round it without even knowing there was anything in there….I never did see the air vent, I would have been stung to death trying to find it. Water levels are the lowest here for a very long while with approx 10ft of the shaft visible (it’s been up near the top before). I also had to extract fast as I heard voices coming towards me from the other side of the hedge so apologies for the crap pix….no tripod, falling down rat holes and legging it didn’t make good photos.


Earls Barton ROC Post – Northamptonshire Group

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Opened – Unknown (gotta cross reference it in Attack Warning Red)
Closed – September 1991

It’s been a ROC Post Fest this last few days across several counties, I’ve hit up 8 posts in 6 days and the 9th planned for tonight but this one wins the FUBAR award so far, not only has it been stripped bare inside, its now Fly Tipping Central with the shaft totally full of refuse/junk/detritus

I was on my own and also short on time so I didn’t attempt to start removing the trash, plus I wasn’t sure of the contents of the black bin bags

The compound itself is chest high in stinging nettles so I’m not sure what original items might be laying around, I suspect none though.


Uppingham ROC Post – Rutland Group

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Opened – May 1960
Closed – October 1968

This is a bleak, damp, stinking, lonely ROC Post in a compound that’s slowly claiming it back, it’s been closed for 42 years so that shouldn’t be such a surprise. The only remaining items are a single bed and the mounting plate for the BPI.


Benefield ROC Post 22 (Bedford 20 Cluster)

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Opened – June 1958
Closed – September 1991

RAF Deenethorpe was constructed in 1943 and was allocated to the United States Army Air Force Eighth Air Force. It was assigned USAAF designation Station 128. The 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) were stationed here. They operated chiefly against strategic targets, bombing industries, submarine facilities, shipyards, missile sites, marshalling yards, and airfields; beginning in October 1944, concentrated on oil reserves. The Group received a Distinguished Unit Citation for striking telling blows against German aircraft production on 11 January and 20 February 1944.

After the war, Deenethorpe was used as a RAF Recruiting Center, and later for several years the control tower was used as a lookout post by the local Royal Observer Corps. It was finally sold in 1963 and largely returned to agriculture. Part of the old main runway is now used as a private airstrip.

Its possible this site won’t be around much longer as the Deenthorpe Control Tower has been demolished and the whole site is being taken back by nature. Inside the post was very untidy but many original items remain, however lots of items have sadly been removed.

Yet another sad example of a ROC Post being stripped bare


Bunker Fest Week

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The last 7 days have been a bit of a Bunker Fest and it’s time for a little rest. Last Thursday my explorer buddy and I visited six ROC Posts and a Battle HQ and then this week I have hit up something every single night on the way home (actually there was 2 ROC Posts on Wednesday night..).

Last night I promised myself I would go straight home but I ended up making a short diversion and hitting up a really neat Battle HQ and a cracking Cantilevered ‘Mushroom’ Pillbox instead and found a whole pile more stuff to check out. It’s not Cold War so not really my MO but the place has an interesting vibe about it….watch this space.

Total for this weeks explores:

10 ROC Posts
2 Battle HQ’s
1 Mushroom Pillbox

Another neat thing this week has been a new kit bag, normally I use a rucksack but these are a pain in the ass in confined spaces like tunnels and access shafts and I’ve been wanting something different. I found what I was looking for in the shape of a Maxpedition Sitka Gearslinger. The theory with the Gearslinger series is a single shoulder backpack that can be rotated to the front of the body without removing it as well as providing access to all the compartments, perfect for the challenges of exploring.

Its been tried out in various bunkers and underground locations and I love it 🙂