This site is about taking a step away from the mundane bullshit of daily life and lifting the lid on what’s hiding in the shadows out of sight, the stuff we are oblivious to in our robot lives, the stuff that isn’t supposed to be seen and the stuff that’s been forgotten in the mists of time.

If it’s interesting then I’ll go and explore it, there’s no hard and fast rules it just has to be appealing to me.

You won’t find any arty HDR bullshit on here, nor designer derp and staged shots, what you see is real and not photoshopped.

I went out, got covered in shit/mud/sewage/grime to take these pictures cos it’s what I like to do.

I didn’t break into any of them – If I can’t get in using ropes or ladders, crawl in, jump over walls/fences, sneak in covertly/overtly or blag my way in using Jedi Mind Tricks then I don’t go.

I don’t force entry, am not a writer and never take anything from a location.

You’re a long time dead so it’s good to not be a ‘Postcoder’ (live/die in the same postcode and never see the world), go out and see what’s there, experience new things, they don’t have to be dangerous or dirty, just don’t site there and waste your life in front of the TV or down the pub.

You’re not here for long and soon you’ll be rotting in the ground for eternity.

I know a lot of dead people, people that didn’t even get their allocated time on this planet so don’t waste it, get off your arse, go and see what’s out there and maybe take a camera with you to record your adventures…

Who’s involved?
A bunch of people who stay off the internet mainly but a regular exploring buddy is Winch It In.

Have also been out with the following:

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