Opened – October 1964
Closed – October 1968
Yet another post visited as part of an ‘8 ROC Posts in one day’ tour. We walked right past this one as the compound was totally overgrown. The hatch has been torn off for years but surprisingly it was bone dry inside. Some internal fittings still present such as the bed and no vandalism which is neat. Really nice and peaceful site with fantastic light outside.

As mentioned in my other reports for this day I was experimenting with camera settings (epic fail on most which got deleted ) so apologies for the quality.

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  1. Can i have exact directions to roc post pls as live in spalding and will check out I think it’s near fulney somewhere

    1. Hi,
      Asking for precise locations is not the done thing to be honest, this information is freely available online if you take a few minutes to look, also if you live in the local area you should also be able to locate it quite quickly just by driving around.

      However its Christmas. its not a sensitive location and I’m feeling generous – 52°46’27.39″N 0° 7’11.57″W


      1. Just been down here today, everything remains amazingly, others have been down.
        Have photos
        First time down a ROC post

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