I’m not going to own up to how many flashlights I own as I’m a self confessed Flashlight Whore and just can’t resist the lure of something different. I don’t ‘need’ them all, just every now and again something catches my eye and I just have to own it. The last time such things seduced me was the Thrunite Catapult V2 which as it happens is earning its keep very well at the moment on a weekly basis due to a massive underground playground that I’m currently exploring.

The latest score was yet another Underwater Kinetics flashlight. Underwater Kinetics have been firm favourites of mine for decades and I’ve had various colours of Mini Q40’s strapped to my Caving helmet since 1989. Their product is virtually unbeaten and can be seen in use with Fire Departments and Rescue Teams the world over, as well as their biggest market – Dive Lights.

Mini Q40

Also amongst my UK collection is an eLED Vizion Headlamp which is my EDC headtorch….you know, just in case 😉


Anyway, the latest acquisition is a UK2AAA Xenon Mini Pocket Light  which has been looking at me seductively for a few weeks at my friendly neighbourhood (online) dive shop. Anyway, it showed up today and I must say its neat and it’s gonna get promoted to my exploring bag immediately as some sort of backup light...

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