Opened – June 1958
Closed – September 1991

RAF Deenethorpe was constructed in 1943 and was allocated to the United States Army Air Force Eighth Air Force. It was assigned USAAF designation Station 128. The 401st Bombardment Group (Heavy) were stationed here. They operated chiefly against strategic targets, bombing industries, submarine facilities, shipyards, missile sites, marshalling yards, and airfields; beginning in October 1944, concentrated on oil reserves. The Group received a Distinguished Unit Citation for striking telling blows against German aircraft production on 11 January and 20 February 1944.

After the war, Deenethorpe was used as a RAF Recruiting Center, and later for several years the control tower was used as a lookout post by the local Royal Observer Corps. It was finally sold in 1963 and largely returned to agriculture. Part of the old main runway is now used as a private airstrip.

Its possible this site won’t be around much longer as the Deenthorpe Control Tower has been demolished and the whole site is being taken back by nature. Inside the post was very untidy but many original items remain, however lots of items have sadly been removed.

Yet another sad example of a ROC Post being stripped bare

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  1. Hi, Thanks for posting this I was part of the team at Bedford 22 post 1985-87. When the post was closed Des (chief obsever) was told to take anything the members wanted but to leave the BT telephone and the car battery which powered it, I do not know where the bunk bed went or who would want it. He handed the keys to the Police and that was it. Thanks for bringing back the memories. Regards John

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