Sleep Tight…

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Random, non exploring related blog post.

My little sister would have been 43 today had she lived this long. I doubt she would have liked the world we live in today though somehow.

RIP you Crazy Diamond.


No Promise Of Safety…

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Safety Boots should do what they say on the tin, keep your feet safe, this just goes to show you can never be sure.If I had been wearing trainers my foot would have been cut in half. Luckily too I was wearing two pairs of socks and I just suffered sliced socks and a bruised foot.
The blurb for these boots said:

‘200 Joule composite toecap, composite midsole, double shock absorption sole, penetration resistant midsole’.

My arse…steel sliced through the sole and up through the arch of the boot, slicing the side open along the way, all the way to my foot…

ISO 20345:2011 – FAIL !!!


This is for when the radio is broken..

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This is for when the radio is broken and crackles like uranium orchids
This is for when the föhn-wind rattles the telegraph wires like a handful of bones
This is for when dream ambulances skitter through the streets at midnight
This is for when you get caught in a sleep-riot and the sky is out of order
This is for when your sex is full of voodoo
This is for when your clothes are imaginary
This is for when your flesh creeps and never comes back.

Things are quiet here, not trapped and dead under a roof collapse deep in a mine, just not much exploring going on. There has however been lots of research, chasing down leads and lifting lids so to speak so hopefully there’ll be something of interest for you soon…
In the meantime here’s some random stuff found laying round on one of the hard disks that I don’t think has seen the light of day.

P.S Hi to the readers in far flung places like Latvia, Russia, Iran, Australia, Canada and the USA….thanks for reading !!