Explored with Winch It InOpened – November 1959
Closed – September 1991

This is the last of the Bedford 10 Cluster we explored with Sutton Bassett 11 and Cold Overton 10 (Master)

It’s seriously been burned out for several years now and there are definate signs of drug use (home made bongs etc) and serious partying in this post. Amongst the carnage underground the cupboard still exists but the doors have been torn off, the desk is still fixed to the wall and miscellaneous items such as grease are scattered about, there were also a couple of battery boxes in one corner.

Nearly all of the polystyrene tiles have melted in the heat but it does look like perhaps the fire burnt itself out due to lack of oxygen?

The surrounding area is also quite trashed with broken glass bottles widespread on the surface, the new green gate that was fitted on the nearby aircraft observation post has been torn off and it looks like someone sleeps in there now.

It’s sad to see a site like this that’s supposedly maintained by English Heritage as part of their Battle of Naseby project in Naseby, Sulby, Sibbertoft and Clipston so heavily trashed.

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