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Opened – March 1960
Closed – September 1991
The last post visited as part of an ‘8 ROC Posts in one day’ tour and probably the mintiest ROC Post i’ve visited to date. Actually I didn’t really want to post this one up as it just serves as temptation for some morons to come and trash it and steal its contents but then I thought if I don’t post it up then someone else will…..its fate is sealed either way I guess…..hopefully someone will put a massive lock on it to protect this for future generations of visitors, who knows.

Some pix suffer from me experimenting with camera settings which I promise not to do while out in the field again…


  1. chris
    July 17, 2012

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    this is in or around market deeping ?

  2. tocsin_bang
    July 18, 2012

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    Yes and if you live in the area you would have driven past it thousands of times without knowing it was there.

    I doubt it looks as good now as it did two years ago when I took these pictures, the world is full of thieving toe rags sadly.

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