Opened – July 1960
Closed – October 1968
Explored as part of an ‘8 ROC Posts in one day’ tour sadly this was one of several sorry looking posts we came across. ‘Decorated’ my local morons in a fetching yellow and blue colour scheme, some smoke damage to the roof tiles and a shattered sump grate welcoming us below ground. The cupboard had been partially destroyed but there was an intact hand operated siren crate.

The compound was in a fantastic location on the edge of a cornfield and contains the demolished remains of a brick Aircraft Observation Post, also in the compound are several beehives….complete with LOTS of bees….needless to say we chose a swift and different exit on the way out as we had accidentally disturbed them on the way in.

Yet again I was experimenting with camera settings (epic fail on most which got deleted…) so apologies for the quality on some shots.

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  1. Half the fun about exploring is finding places, if you knew where everything was in advance it would be boring.

    I do not wish to cause offence but finding ROC Posts is like shooting fish in a barrel, the information is readily available and they don’t really hide them away. Spend five minutes researching it online and all will be revealed (and you will feel so much better for finding it out yourself and not having it handed you on a plate)

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