On a screw up weekend full of dissolving plans and time that simply didn’t exist (as much as we wanted it to) we stopped quickly here while on our way somewhere else and fired off a few shots.

The signs say Danger – Keep Out and you are supposed to ‘enjoy from a distance’ but signs have never meant much to me. If you don’t want me to get in then make it impossible, then I wont…

This is ultimate designer accessory…..so you build a house in 1640 and plant it in 3000 acres of land, the trouble is the land is a bit dull and uninspiring so what do you do?

Well, you hire a well known Folly Architect and tell him you want a castle designed, not just any old castle but a derelict castle across the valley from your house so you can look out and see the ‘ruins’ in the distance. Then you pay the best known Landscape Architect of the 18th Century to build it for you.

Yep, this placed looked JUST like this when it was built in the 18th Century!!

More exciting stuff coming soon….got quite a backlog of pix to sort through from far more interesting places than this ;-P

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  1. I thought I recognised that… I live nearby… has it *still* got fences round it? They’ve been there for years.

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