Opened – Unknown
Closed – September 1991

Visited this some time ago and kept a lid on it out of respect. It seems its now been outed elsewhere online so there’s no harm in posting these pix up now. This ROC Post had been deteriorating gradually over recent years and a couple of Cold War enthusiasts have fully restored the post to its former glory. If you are curious about the ‘stairs’ I have it on good authority that the original Chief Observer suffered from Polio so had these fitted decades ago to help getting in and out of the post. Getting all the items together has taken these guys ages and respect is due for the time, effort and cost required to do this restore.

I would like to add (and I know this to be true as I know the guys who restored this post) that NOTHING is left in this post in between ‘open days’ and the post is locked and alarmed.

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