This was a bonus find while we were out on a ROC Fest day last week (8 ROC Posts in one day!!), I’ve not seen anything like this before but its believed to be a Starfish Bombing Decoy Control Bunker related to the (relatively) nearby RAF Wittering

If you know different the please post a comment and let me know.

The building has three rooms, one small room at the front, which is now buried and was possibly either a generator room or more likely a toilet, a 12ft x 10ft room to one side of the entrance corridor and a large 30ft x 12ft room. The large room has a ladder on the end wall going up to a hatch in the concrete roof which looked like at one time it had a brick surround. At various points in the roof were large circular holes and on the large flat concrete roof was evidence of mounting points, possibly for a ‘Micklethwaite’ type device or maybe another small platform/canopy. Surrounding this site are piles of broken brickwork and at least one Blast Wall which may well have covered the main entrance originally.

All in all an interesting find and despite the graffiti the place had a nice feel to it.

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  1. this might have been connected to a large bunker and mobile launcher sight about 1 mile east of deeping off the A1165 called six score rd, its still intact..

  2. Out of interest what was six score rd used for? I was told by the owners nephew it is connected by tunnel from deeping at the back of the new health centre? I can see something from the rd but never been to look..

  3. It’s an R6 GCI Rotor Radar Station, built in 1942 and closed in 1958.

    The owners house is the original Guardhouse.

    There will not be a tunnel linking the two sites though, that’s just local folklore, plus they both had very different purposes.

    One was a decoy site (probably for RAF Wittering) and the other an Early Warning radar station….checkout

  4. i am good friend’s with the owner of the bunker down six score road, it’s an old radar bunker. and yes it does go under ground, but i’m not sure if there is a tunnel.

    1. The GCI Rotor Radar Station has got some sections below ground (will be flooded now) but there would not be a tunnel as described above.

      What is the owner like regarding visits?

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