P7.2, 320 lumen…nuff said 🙂

For all the Fenix waving Lenser hat0rz out there every single underground shot on this blog is either partially or exclusively lit with a Lenser P7.

I’ve owned many, some are at the bottom of mines and mysterious shafts where they will lay for eternity (yes I feel super guilty about those decaying batteries), some have been lent to people and never returned, some were submerged for months, assumed MIA and then found (working) months later and the surviving ones ones are permanently attached to Cetacea Coil Landyards to prevent anymore waist deep *PLOP* “Oh Shit!!!” moments 🙂

(Need solution for tripod now as last *PLOP* “Shit!!!” moment involved a CSO and a pricey tripod….)

So Lenser released this updated version, this guy is 320 lumen instead of standard 200 lumen so should make some big improvements, he will be coming out on the next underground trip for some testing. 

Never buy one of anything ;-p

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  1. Find yourself someone with a Zebralight SC600w and then you wont be thinking so highly of LL’s. AAA’s are a joke of a power source for a high powered light so while the P7.2 may come on at 320 lumens, it certainly wont stay there for long!
    FYI – I have owned/still own: P3, P5, P6, P7, P14, M1 and they were either sold off or sit at home collecting dust. Throw to flood is good and all but hotspot/spill is far superior. You obviously haven’t experienced anything better which is sad because you think you’re doing people a service by writing the garbage you did and putting it on the net..

  2. Thanks for the comments, I’ll try a Zebralight SC600w out, always open to trying new lights out.

    Am looking for a very high lumen flood if you can recommend one for use with GoPro.

    I don’t really think I’m doing anybody a service with what I write, I just post up my findings with different kit from time to time. Some people seem to like it as I regularly get 100-150 page views a day from all over the world.

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