Bury Internalz

Carrying on with the Mil Derp Cold War vibe from earlier posts…..enjoy

Bulk Fuel Storage (WW2)
Transmitter Building
Briefing Room (Badly lightpainted…)
Flora & Fauna 🙂

Building 25 – Decontamination Area

More rush lightpainting (soz about passing headtorches…)

Better this time…(shot in total darkness)

Building 25 Hard Area

Parachute Store (Building 51)


Photographic Processing and Interpretation Facility (Building 69)


Parson Drove ROC Post – Cambridgeshire Group (FSM Tube Cam)

Opened – March 1960
Closed – September 1991
Another post visited as part of an ‘8 ROC Posts in one day’ tour, Parson Drove had been ingeniously locked with a cleverly fitted mortice lock so became our first ‘fail’ of the day in respect of underground shots. The post was recently sold on eBay to someone in Oakham, Rutland but it looks like nothing has been done to it apart from the fancy lock.

Never one to be outwitted I broke out the Tube Cam Kit and did some ‘remote photography’. The interior looks to be the same as its always been with the red spray paint noted by Sub Brit back in 1999. My Tube Cam Kit is due to be modified in the future to provide precise shots, these ones are a bit poor but its better than nothing.

The famous Shetland pony is still there, it crept up on us and was attempting to eat Winch It In’s Canon kit while we had our backs turned doing the Tube Cam !!

March ROC Post – Cambridgeshire Group

Opened – July 1961
Closed – September 1991
Explored as part of an 8 ROC Posts in one day tour we were surprised to find this site totally overgrown as supposedly someone had bought this post and was going to restore it, obviously something has gone wrong with this plan!.

The long paving slab path that runs from the compound to steps up to the main road was covered in a thick hedge and the compound itself is several feet high in brambles and nettles. As stated on Sub Brit this post was totally dug up and rebuilt during the 1980’s and it shows, the walls and interior are in superb condition and a damp-proof membrane is evident at the base of the hatch. Internally the air vents are of a different design, we couldn’t even see the rear, above ground vent due to undergrowth but pictures on Sub Brit show this to be of a different design too. Toilet area was fitted with slatted shelves and the ‘desk’ seemed different to many other ROC Posts.

I was experimenting with camera settings (epic fail on most which got deleted!) so apologies for the quality on some shots.